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Successful call for solutions for Neovia’s Farm of the future and launch of the global network of partners

Press releases 30 Nov 2017

The call for solutions, launched in May 2017, for Neovia’s Farm of the future project based on three themes (precision farming, sustainable farming, and easy farming) has generated a lot of interest among many companies and start-ups in ten countries. Many of these potential partners and suppliers have just been awarded the “Innovative Company” label and are now part of the global Farm of the future network. The project’s goal is to develop sustainable livestock farming for the future.

Call for solutions: some fifty participants from more than ten countries

Neovia’s call for solutions for its Farm of the future project, launched in May 2017, has generated a lot of interest among potential partners and suppliers. All the 46 participants were able to present their projects, their motivations, and the scope of their participation to Neovia’s panel of experts. The various proposals made it possible to respond to the three themes of the call for solutions: precision farming, sustainable farming, and easy farming. Following the panel’s deliberation, Neovia decided to retain about thirty potential partners and suppliers at this stage.

27 innovative company-labelled firms join the Farm of the future network

Neovia awarded the companies selected during the call for solutions the “Innovative Company” label. This label allows them to join Neovia’s Farm of the future network, which will gradually be structured around a platform aimed at facilitating exchanges and finding together solutions to the challenges of sustainable farming of tomorrow. This international Farm of the future network must foster the development of collaborative and innovative projects with thematic events, conferences, and think tanks.

Copeeks, Noldus, and Kuhn were some of the candidate companies awarded the “Innovative Company” label. Copeeks is a French start-up that offers a solution for networked image sensors and videos which, combined with collected environmental information, continuously monitors and controls crops and farm buildings.

Noldus is a Dutch company which is the world leader in behaviour analysis of animals for research. It offers sensor-based and/or camera-based solutions for automated analysis of the activity and physiological health of different animal species facilitating the automatic evaluation / prediction of certain pathological events.

Kuhn is the world leader in the provision of equipment and services to livestock farmers. The company is developing a fully automated solution for all activities related to animal feeding. This major project, developed within a consortium* should allow significant gains in performance, comfort at work, and productivity.

Hubert de Roquefeuil, CEO of Neovia stressed that: “Neovia’s Farm of the future is more than just an innovation project, it is a truly social project. This open and collaborative project has three major objectives: revolutionise and project R&D into the future, foster interaction between livestock farmers and consumers, and propose a ʺtechnology showcaseʺ serving sustainable farming for the future.”


To download the press release, click on the following link: 2017 11 30 – PR Neovia – FOF CFS

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