Neovia - Optimised use of resources

Optimised use of resources

Population growth and rising standards of living are rapidly increasing demand for animal proteins worldwide. This situation has resulted in a trend rise in raw materials prices and increased focus on respecting the environment.

As such, sustainable use of resources is a major social issue and Neovia, as a “responsible global actor”, decided to make it one of its five priority innovation fields: “optimising resources“.

Neovia’s approach is based on a simple observation: in a context of continuous increase in demand for raw materials, market volatility, and stagnating yields, the company needs to develop nutritional solutions which are both tailored to the customers’ needs and eco-friendly.

This approach leads the company to think about how best to substitute raw materials under pressure with other materials and better use co-product generated by its production cycle or that of other stakeholders in the agri-business industry.

To achieve this, Neovia focusses on three innovation priorities :

  • an alternative to wild brine shrimps to feed aquaculture species at the larval stage
  • using insects as a new source of proteins
  • new formulation concepts to optimise the use of resources and improve livestock farming performance while limiting the impact of market fluctuations

Our progress on this field

In France, Neovia has developed an industrial tool, to process soybeans and rapeseeds, which eliminates the use of formaldehyde (at very low doses) in the production cycle. Intended for ruminants feed, the technology, known as “3P”, improves the nutritional value of raw materials, protects protein degradation in the rumen, and anticipates future regulatory changes.

Neovia has identified, analysed, and qualified unused co-products generated by an alcohol manufacturer in India. The rice bran generated by this manufacturer, which was lost, is now referenced in our formulation databases and used in poultry feed.

In aquaculture, Neovia has defined a holistic approach including everything from feed to the management of fish ponds to ensure quality production and respects the environment. This approach allows the company to play an advisory and managerial role throughout the production cycle.

Precision nutrition, the search for new proteins, systematic use of co-products, links between genetics and nutrition, predictive monitoring of animals, management of livestock facilities, and water management are all issues that Neovia innovates and invests in to play its role in the sustainable management of resources respect for the environment.

” The deep knowledge of nutritional caracteristics of raw materials enable to adjust the formulations as close as possible to animal needs and reduce environmental impacts. “

Christophe Blondet, Technical Director of Neovia