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Virtual tour

The global innovation centre

Based on the site of Neovia’s head offices near Vannes in Morbihan, the global innovation centre now accommodates over seventy people (market monitoring, strategic marketing, R&D, formulation, innovation management, business development, new technologies, design thinking, digital, etc.). It is intended to accommodate other teams or partners (unions, academics, customers, and start-ups) depending on the projects being worked on.

Welcome to We’nov, our global innovation centre

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An innovative building designed by and for its users

Involved from the start of the project as well as in the design of the building and the distribution of teams, Neovia employees were able to decide on the choice of architect, furniture, and building operation. This co-construction approach summarises Neovia’s way of innovating which is modern and collaborative.

The building’s design and layout were developed to meet this need for transversality, creativity, and speed promoting collaborative work: formal and informal meeting rooms, open spaces, temporary offices, video-conferencing tools, “stand up meeting” rooms, many areas to meet in small groups, and a gym. Through this approach, the company’s various functions work and think together to serve the needs of our customers and partners.

A building with exemplary environmental performance

This jewel of eco-design of over 2,000 m2 was designed in accordance with BEPOS EFFINERGIE specifications for a positive energy building that produces more energy than it consumes. To cover the “domestic” needs of the building (heating, ventilation, lighting, water heating), photovoltaic panels were installed on partially vegetated roof. Surplus production can therefore be distributed to the rest of the site. All energy use is managed by a Centralised Technical Management System and load shedding is carried out according to the photovoltaic generation.

Winner of the Low Consumption Building Call for Projects launched by the ADEME in 2014, the global innovation centre We’nov has optimised energy consumption thanks to high-level thermal insulation. Heating is provided by renewable energy (aerothermal) and solar radiation through large windows. Air conditioning is passive using a system to recover the cool night air. Air is in turn circulated by a dual flow air handling unit and by CO2 detection to reduce energy loss to a minimum.


Further informations

Did you know ?

68,7 kW, total power of the photovoltaic power system

210, number of photovoltaic panels

342 m2, total surface area of solar panels

12,2 kWh/m2, the building’s heating needs

44%, building energy consumption savings compared to current regulations (RT 2012)