Neovia co-working space in We'Nov

Organisation and networks

Everyone has a role to play in innovation and it is from the diversity of occupations, cultures, experiences, and perspectives that we find differentiating answers and solutions to the needs and uses of our local, national, and global customers and partners.

Cross-disciplinary and interconnected organisation

Directly related to the ambition of our Strategic Plan, We’nov, our global innovation centre embodies and materialises our investment in the future and concretely illustrates our innovation initiative. This initiative operates on a network logic and is intended to foster synergies between all of the innovation stakeholders in our global ecosystem. Therefore, it is not only an innovative building but also the centrepiece of a global network that links all of Neovia’s expertise: experimental farms (11 centres), analysis laboratories (6 sites), industrial and academic partners, etc. Neovia will be driving a new dynamic of innovation through this new building. Innovation that will be more open, international, and shared by all employees of the company and its stakeholders worldwide.

Foster and promote collaborative working

The global innovation centre brings together, on a single site, several functions which play a key role at each stage of development of an innovation project. This approach aims at promoting openness, transversality, and exchanges between our activities, trades, functional management, and company and non-company stakeholders. The following functions are present in Neovia’s global innovation centre:

  • Market and strategy monitoring : know the markets, understand and anticipate new requirements or uses on each market/target customer, anticipate changes in regulations, etc.
  • Innovation, R&D, non-company partners, industrial/technology experts, Design Lab, Digital : propose and test innovative products, solutions, or economic models developed by the customer and rapidly make sure whether they are economically viable and technically achievable in order to reduce and validate time to market.
  • Strategic marketing, Business development, and sales teams: validate the economic model of the solution retained, define an appropriate marketing/sales strategy, and support product and solution deployment and marketing.

Everyday innovation

An innovative company should allow its employees to live innovation every day to demonstrate by evidence that innovation is not necessarily complicated, and much less reserved to few people.

In order to materialise this vision, Neovia regularly organises meetings and events helping employees open up to other approaches and practices.

Comparisons and not being afraid of ‘benchmarking’ is another source of innovation!

Innovation meetings

Innovating means thinking and working differently.

The global innovation centre fosters new methods and ways of working. As such, it regularly offers employees the opportunity to meet creators or innovators from their industry or other industries during “innovation meetings” or ad hoc events.

innovation meetingLaunched in October 2014, innovation meetings are short in-house events (max. 30 minutes) that are organised every two months.

These meetings have two objectives: build an innovation culture and regularly make the innovations developed by Neovia accessible to employees. These meetings are also an opportunity to invite high-level outside experts to share new ideas in a perspective of open innovation.

Because innovation should not be just a word or concept, Neovia has resolved to promote action!


Further informations

Did you know ?

Because innovation is everyone’s business, Neovia encourages its employees to innovate, take risks, and test new ideas without worrying about failure. In this context, each employee must feel that they are allowed to fail to avoid ‘holding back’ their innovation potential! To promote this, Neovia organises internal challenges where employees can submit their innovative ideas and obtain the company’s support to develop them (financial support, resources provided).