Global innovation centre - open innovation and partners

Objectives and initiative

In a changing world, innovation is more important than ever. Current solutions will not be enough in 2050 where there will be over nine billion human beings to feed. Anticipate market developments and make major issues tremendous growth opportunities are the two missions Neovia has assigned to innovation. This is why Neovia has chosen to place innovation at the heart of its strategy.

Propose a new way : innovation !

Effective innovation involves constantly examining changing market needs and thinking of adapted solutions, products, and services. This means being adaptable, flexible, responsive, interconnected, and open to others and new ideas.

To achieve this goal, Neovia launched the initiative of creating a global innovation centre in March 2013. Today this project is called We’nov and embodies two ambitions: help Neovia place innovation at the heart of its decision-making processes and ensure a higher success rate for innovation projects of tomorrow. This new dynamic helps to promote synergies between innovation stakeholders and functions within the Group and with its partners worldwide.

An ambitious and open approach

Our innovation approach aims at increasing, making more reliable, and accelerating the development and marketing of innovative solutions. It is organised around internal processes redesigned and adapted to the challenges of an increasingly connected and evolving world which is a vision that closely links the stakeholders in our French and international ecosystems: customers, suppliers, research centres, universities, clusters, and start-ups.

This vision durably focuses our business strategy on innovation to ensure sustainable growth of both our core businesses and our new activities. With its global innovation centre, We’nov, Neovia hopes to accelerate the development of innovative solutions and services in nutrition and animal health.

We’nov also promotes the development of collaborative projects with stakeholders in our ecosystems in a perspective of open innovation and sustainable growth.

An innovation process in five stages

Innovation needs creativity, the capacity to surprise, and fresh thinking. However, creativity can only fully demonstrate its interest when compared to analysis and a structured assessment process. In this context, Neovia has developed a robust methodology to develop innovative projects structured around five key stages (from idea to market). The transition from one stage to another requires meeting clear criteria and appropriate approval groups have been established at each stage (Innovation Committee, Management Committee). This methodology allows the scope and objectives of each project to be clearly defined.

 Infographics project stages Neovia

“The constant observation of the changing uses of our customers in the field allows us to better detect their latent or implicit needs which are sources of ideas and development for our innovation teams”

Eric de Seguins Pazzis, Eric de Seguins Pazzis, Chief Marketing & Business Development Officer