Compass Neovia

Investment fund

Neovia Venture

Neovia wishes to acquire all means to promote innovation and develop partnerships for innovative projects. As such, the company decided to create an investment fund to invest in innovative projects and companies in France and abroad: Neovia Venture.

Clearly defined objectives and operating procedures

With its five million Euros, Neovia Venture aims at taking minority interests in innovative companies, directly or indirectly related to its medium-term strategy and the five priority innovation fields defined by Neovia: smart farming, intensive aquaculture, optimising resources, interactive petline, and functional ingredients.

Neovia Venture will be headed by a Chairman and will have an investment committee to ensure the relevance and consistency of the investments made. Keen to support the development of the companies in which it invests, Neovia Venture will also be present in the governance bodies of the companies concerned as far as possible.

A supplementary tool serving innovation

Neovia Venture supplements Neovia’s innovation programme. It allows the company to be fully involved in its role of providing start-up accompaniment and incubation. Through Neovia Venture, Neovia confirms its desire and ambition to put innovation at the heart of its business plan, which is an “open” business plan, to enable it to meet, along with its partners, the major challenges of tomorrow serving sustainable growth.