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Creating together Neovia's Farm of the future

Neovia wants to position itself among the most innovative companies in the field of animal nutrition and health. As such, the company has invested in innovation for a number of years (state-of-the-art analysis laboratory opened in 2013, We’nov, its global innovation centre, opened in 2016, and investments in data analysis and connected objects). This constant investment in innovation must now be coupled with more technological experimentation based on tools (big data, digital technology) and new approaches (test modelling, analysis of animal behaviour, etc.). It must also be fully connected to new societal challenges in order to clearly place livestock farmers (connected farms, home automation) and consumers (children, adults) at the heart of our approach. To achieve these objectives, Neovia has set itself the new challenge of developing its Farm of the future.

The project

The Farm of the future project will be the hub of a French and international network (initially Brazil and then Asia) of connected Farms of the future. This network will include farms owned by Neovia (Neovia’s research centres around the world) as well as private partners or public farms. It will work closely with all of its stakeholders: universities, research institutes, customers, and suppliers.

In 2020, the Brazilian research centre, dedicated to research in pets but also active in the fields of aquaculture and ruminants, will become the first international centre to be connected to the world network of Farms of the future.

The priority axes for the Farm of the future

  • Precision and sustainable livestock farming. Connected objects (sensors, connected collars, chips, etc.) collect a lot of data on livestock animals and their environment (buildings, etc.). One of the Farm of the future’s objectives will be to collect and analyse these data to understand, in real time, the needs of each animal and use exactly the right amount of feed to feed them and improve their zootechnical performance. Precision feeding reduces the impact of livestock on the environment and guarantees the proper development of animals. This is combined with work on hygiene and dietetic nutrition.
  • Farmer job satisfaction and redesigned working environment. Improving the working conditions of livestock farmers is one of the Farm of the future’s priority areas of focus. Improvements should result in renewed economic balance and a better work-life balance in general. It also involves redesigning the working environment (redesigned building architecture, home automation and connectivity, ergonomics).
  • Behaviour analysis & predictive management. Behavioural observation of animals (in particular through the use of connectivity tools) combined with statistical analyses and innovative data processing helps identify recurring trends and anticipate the occurrence of major risks. Neovia is looking to develop “predictive management” tools that will help farmers to better anticipate a variety of risks (health, weather, etc.) and minimise their impacts for a more efficient and clear management of livestock.
  • Co-innovation. The Farms of the future network is intended to foster interaction and enable its various contributors to constantly co-develop technological and scientific solutions to develop the Farms of the future and our practices.
  • “E-farmer” vocational training. New technologies have profoundly changed our ways of working and will continue to impact the way our businesses develop. As such, Neovia wishes to support and foster training for farmers to help them better integrate new uses and practices in their development. Neovia wants to foster the emergence of a new type of farmer: “the e-farmer”. Neovia also wishes to accompany them in training (dedicated MOOCs, institutes, etc.) over the short and medium-term.
  • Consumer interaction. Livestock farmers and consumers need to be regularly in contact with each other to help farmers better understand consumer expectations and give consumers a balanced view of the issues and problems they face. The Farm of the future will be used as a place of dialogue and “technology showcase” to foster exchanges and integrate social issues in practices (discussions with sociologists, school visits, etc.).


Call for solutions

Based on an open innovation approach, Neovia has chosen to work with the most innovative minds to co-develop the Farm of the future and has launched a call for solutions to identify the best opportunities for cooperation.

> 3 target species

Neovia’s Farm of the Future will focus on three species: pigs, poultry (broilers and laying hens) and ruminants (dairy cows and beef cattle).

> 3 priority themes

Neovia’s Farm of the future aims to develop the tools and models of R&D of tomorrow in animal nutrition and health by generating and valuing new data as well as testing the value of Smart Farming solutions under farming conditions.

To achieve these goals, the proposed solutions must relate to at least one of the following three technical areas:

  • “Precision Farming” : 
    • Solutions for precision feeding adapted to the needs of animals. Mathematical modelling and predictive management of livestock (optimisation of animal monitoring in their environment, health and epidemiological surveillance, early detection of pathologies)
    • Solutions to improve sanitary conditions and performance on farms.
  • “Easy Farming” :
    • Solutions enabling livestock farmers to benefit from a better work-life balance and simplify the daily management of their farms.
    • Solutions to facilitate herd monitoring, improve animal welfare, and improve farmer working conditions.
  • “Sustainable Farming”: 
    • Solutions to rebalance the relationship between livestock and the environment (energy independence, reducing greenhouse gas emissions) and ensure better monitoring and better traceability of the quality of finished products (meat, milk, etc.).

These themes are aimed at companies, SMEs, and start-ups, as well as research groups or individuals. Solutions must cover buildings, software, equipment/sensors, etc.

Candidate solutions can be exclusively devoted to experimental research and/or target a use in breeding (these can then be tested on the Farm of the future).

Would you like to submit a solution based on one or more of these themes? Easy. Just download the application form available here, complete it, and send it to

> 1 cross-cutting theme

The Farm of the future is also conceived as a real “showcase” of digital and technological skills applied to livestock farming. It involves thinking at a “showroom” dimension or, in other words, asking yourself how best to organise the Farm of the future to encourage interaction between breeders, the public, and consumers (tours, scenography, architectural ideas, activities, etc.).

This theme is for design and engineering firms, architecture practices, individuals, and students.

To present your vision of the Farm of the Future, download the application form available here, complete it, and send it to

> Why participate?

  • Exchange with experts during your pitch
  • Gain visibility and get your solutions known to Neovia’s customers
  • Equip the Farm of the future with your solution
  • Test your solution at scale
  • Co-develop your solution with Neovia
  • For start-ups, work with a potential Neovia Venture investor (optional)
  • Accelerate your development by using Neovia’s distribution network (optional)

> Next steps

The shortlisted candidates will present their project to a panel of Neovia experts, renowned scientists and qualified people, with whom they will be able to talk. The winners of the call for solutions will have be highly visible and have the opportunity to develop and make their solutions known to Neovia customers, test them on livestock farms, co-develop them with Neovia and equip the Farm of the future with them.

> Key dates

  • 15 May 2017: opening date for the call for solutions
  • 15 May to 31 July: submission of applications
  • 31 July: closing date for the call for solutions
  • 31 July to 15 September: short list
  • 15 September 2017 onwards: presentation of projects to the panel and final selection


This call for solutions is led in partnership with:

Neovia - Agrocampus Ouest



Download the presentation leaflet of the Farm of the future : click here!