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Design Thinking

Make uses the starting point and focus of our reflexion

We are living in a very fast-moving world. It is now very risky “to innovate alone in your corner”. It is for this reason that Neovia strongly favours co-constructing its products and solutions with all of its stakeholders: farmers, customers, private or cooperative partners, suppliers, employees, and consumers. This co-creation and co-development is a reality at each stage of the innovation process, from design to market.

Creation of a Design Thinking Department

The We’nov global innovation centre promotes new, resolutely open, and collaborative ways of working. These working methods are part of a co-creation logic, such as Design Thinking or the Digital and, as such, Neovia has created an original department that uses Design Thinking methodology: the Design Lab.

Design Thinking, which is used by major internet and new technology development companies, is derived from a detailed analysis of the importance of uses conducted by Stanford University. This method is based on the following principle: user uses are the starting point of thinking.

design thinking labDesign Thinking also aims at transforming identified user needs into viable technical and technological solutions from a business point of view. This method is resolutely multidisciplinary and is synonymous with transversality. It allows the various functions of the company to get to know each other and to understand each other. As such, the company innovates effectively, i.e. it innovates collectively.

Design thinking : 5 key stages 

  • Etape 1 – Empathy : learn from users
  • Etape 2 – Definition : identify and address questions raised in stage 1
  • Etape 3 – Ideation : brainstorm to find creative solutions
  • Etape 4 – Prototyping : materialise an idea in the form of a prototype (share with the customer)
  • Etape 5 – Test : test the concept with a group of users and validate it


“We can design, prototype and test our innovations in one place and from different points of view in the Design Lab.”

Vincent Sincholle, Design Lab Manager of Neovia