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Neovia offers a new way forward to meet the challenges of food, food safety, and reasoned use of resources. Its business strategy is resolutely global, innovative, and distinctive. This approach aims to build a unique and resilient business which is consistent with sustainable growth.

An original and resilient strategy to meet tomorrow’s challenges

Multi trade : products and complementary services structured around an integrated global or package offer based on customer needs (food, nutritional services and consultancy, alternatives to medicines, food safety and traceability, hygiene and diet).

Multi species : extensive expertise in livestock covering the world’s major species to effectively respond to societal changes (increase of aquaculture and boom in petcare) as well as most of the expectations of our local, national, and international market segments (broiler chickens and laying hens, ruminants, swine, tilapia, shrimp, horses, Nelore cattle, rabbits, etc.).

Multi zone : presence in the main mature countries as well as strongly developing geographical areas (South America, Africa, and Asia) that enriches and strengthens our expertise and the company’s ability to offer global solutions tailored to local needs.

Thanks to its six core businesses, its presence in five geographical areas, and its expertise in many animal species provided by over 140 species experts, Neovia can provide individualised responses to each customer and its markets: source of shared benefits and real driver of innovation, value creation, and differentiation.

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A unique global multi-species expertise

Neovia has developed wide livestock expertise over the past sixty years, enabling it to respond to the expectations of local and international markets as well as increasing quality requirements and respect for the consumer environment. Neovia has unique knowledge in animal physiology, powerful R&D, and over 140 species experts worldwide. It also has precious knowledge of raw materials due to its many locations worldwide. These two dimensions and its strong investment in innovation enable it to define original technical and economic solutions optimised and adapted to the needs of species and customers (livestock farmers, food manufacturers on the farm, food producers).

Neovia covers all major species on the planet: ruminants (dairy cows and beef cattle), swine, poultry (laying hens and broiler chickens), rabbits, fish, and shrimps. The company has also developed expertise in nutrition and the monitoring of speciality animals (e.g. piglets) and has sought to adapt its offer to specific local needs such as laying ducks in Asia and Nelore cattle in Brazil. The company also has strong positions in feed dedicated to “company and leisure” animals: dogs, cats, and horses.