Les valeurs de Neovia

Our values

Since its creation, Neovia has embodied strong human values that unite all of its employees in their daily practices. They allow everyone to develop in a common dynamic and to work differently with all of its stakeholders: customers, partners, suppliers, and consumers. As true pillars of our company, they guide our actions and feed our strategy to build the world of tomorrow and better meet the social challenges facing us: sustainably feeding people today and tomorrow with a constant concern for quality.


Humanism means systematically taking people into account in the decision process. This approach privileges listening, dialogue, co-development, and cooperation. Neovia is a global company which is fortunate to benefit from the coexistence of multiple cultures and world visions within it. This diversity is a source of wealth and creates economic and social value.


Neovia’s identity is resolutely entrepreneurial. This approach is materialised by strong commitment of teams in the life of the company, its activities, and development projects. It is also characterised by strong employee participation in reflection and the decision process in an open and collaborative hierarchical logic.


The world is constantly changing and the needs of our customers and partners along with it. Innovation is therefore naturally at the heart of our Business Plan, our practices, and our human and material investments. We want to innovate on a daily basis! This approach goes well beyond R&D. It must allow our employees and the company to be open to others and go beyond their traditional working methods to offer increasingly innovative solutions and services.

Team spirit

Modern companies no longer work in a purely hierarchical mode, they clearly operate in a collaborative and ‘extended’ logic. Neovia is fortunate to operate in a number of countries and allows its teams and employees to network globally. This way of working promotes synergies, cross-functionality, and efficiency. It allows the company to work closely with its partners, cooperatives, and customers because team work does not stop at the company’s gates. It is also how the company views its relationships with all of its stakeholders every day.


Neovia is, above all, a great entrepreneurial adventure. An exciting and motivating story that feeds the work and enthusiasm of teams. This enthusiasm is one of our key values because it allows teams to achieve their potential, always look out for new approaches, and remain a source of wonder in their relationships with customers and partners.