Neovia History

Our history


1954 Creation of Guyomarc’h
1988 Creation of Guyomarc’h Nutrition animale
2001 Guyomarc’h becomes Evialis
Creation of the InVivo Group
2003 Acquisition of Setna in Spain and Creation of Inzo°
2007 InVivo increases the capital of Evialis and acquires a majority stake
2009 The company takes on a new dimension thanks to several acquisitions: Bernaqua, Rossovit, VITAGRI, the nutrition and animal health activity of Cargill in Brazil, maltaCleyton, and Zoofort
2010 Creation of InVivo NSA
2011-12 Acquisition of Star Asia and creation of a Joint-Venture with DLA in Russia
2013 Acquisition of Vipresa and the minority companies Bernaqua and Nutrilac, sale of SAFE
2014 Acquisition of Pancosma and Total Alimentos
2015 Capital increase and acquisition of AdGène and Welgro
2016 Acquisition of Agrindustria (Italy), Popular Feedmill Corporation (The Phillipines), Nutrizon (Brazil) and Acui T (France).
Pancosma & Associates strengthens its activities with the acquisition of Btech and Daavision.
Strategic partnerships with Olam (Nigeria) and Unibait (India)
Equity investment in Equisense (France) through Neovia Venture
InVivo NSA becomes Neovia
Creation of an investment fund specifically for innovative projects: Neovia Venture
2017 Acquisition of Sanpo (China), Agranix (France) and Apligén (Mexico)

Equity investment in PitPatPet (United Kingdom) through Neovia Venture

Launch of the call for solutions for the project “Farm of the Future”

2018 Acquisition of La Pilardière (France), Hi Nutrients (Nigeria), Balnova (Ecuador) and Biomix (Colombia)
2019 Acquisition of Neovia by ADM