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Decision Making Tools

The agri-food industry and, more specifically, nutrition and animal health are characterised by a constant search for performance and quality. As such, the industry’s major stakeholders developed very early diagnostic, performance measurement, and quality monitoring tools. This development has accelerated over the past thirty years and has taken new forms with the take-off of personal computers and new tools (mobiles, smartphones, tablets) and technologies (internet, cloud applications, connected objects, etc.).

Decision Making Tools & applications: diagnostic and performance

These tools, which are commonly referred as DMTs (Decision Making Tools), have become essential in helping food producers, farmer food producers, livestock farmers, and end customers achieve their objectives and understand the needs of animals. They help them improve the reliability of their analyses and diagnostics, measure the performance of the animal or farm concerned, improve their reactivity, and strengthen their monitoring organisation and quality.

Neovia has been one of the world leaders in the field over the past thirty years and has developed some hundred reference DMTs for all major livestock species worldwide: ruminants, swine, poultry, rabbits, and fish. The company has also developed performance diagnosis and monitoring tools for leisure and competition horses.

These DMTs, developed and used worldwide, play a major role in differentiating Neovia’s services offer. Intensively used in feed and premix/firm-services business lines, DMTs help Neovia’s species experts and specialists to provide personalised support, diagnostics, and targeted advice to improve quality and performance to our customers in France and abroad.

They also help Neovia’s customers make the right decisions at the right time and cost and to maintain a lasting partnership relationship with the company fostering shared values.

Neovia’s DMTs currently concern two areas:

  • Farm management: tools allowing customers to carry out diagnostics, monitor performance on farms / plants, and conduct simulations to adjust their processes (testing nutritional diets, monitoring of industrial and organisational variables, etc.).
  • Nutritional performance: tools allowing customers to formulate their feed at the best price / quality ratio according to their nutritional objectives. The strength of these tools lies in the extensiveness of Neovia’s databases on raw materials and animals (knowledge of the physiology of each species) which allows its experts to propose optimised nutritional solutions based on the animal’s growth cycle, changes in the prices of raw materials (choosing between several raw materials with similar nutritional functions according to world prices), and the expectations of its customers.

Neovia has entered the era of “big data” and now relies on the extensiveness of its databases worldwide to ensure increased performance. In this context, the company continually invests in these tools and has had teams specialised in their development for a number of years: R&D, formulation, management of innovation, “Design Lab”, software and innovation department, etc.

These teams work hand-in-hand with customers and the company’s species experts to develop tools using advanced technology solutions adapted to new mobility tools: laptops, mobile telephones, smartphones, and tablets.

For instance, the company recently developed a second generation of farm performance monitoring tools (diagnosis, performance, quality): InMyFarm Aqua. It is also developing a number of new-generation tools for other major species (ruminants, poultry, swine, rabbits) which can be mobile applications (Standipig, Pig Let’s, InMyFarm, PetBenefit, etc.).