Neovia - Connectivity


Connected objects and the IoT* are now part of our daily lives and 51%** of the world’s population say they use the Internet every day. This evolution of practices and lifestyles impact the way we think and work. It also changes our expectations as a consumer both at home and at work.

Connectivity & the internet of things

The food industry and livestock farming are also affected by these developments which are generating new ways of working and new expectations. Food producers and livestock farmers now expect new and more user-friendly diagnostic and performance monitoring tools as well as solutions for mass data dematerialisation and processing (big data) for a more accurate and effective approach: precision nutrition, farm management, and security and traceability.

As a major stakeholder in animal nutrition and health, Neovia focuses on improving the performance of food producers and to make life easier for livestock farmers by incorporating new possibilities offered by the Internet of Things and connectivity into its offers and services. Its new global innovation center, We’nov, which was opened on July, 8th 2016, was built in this spirit.

The center, which networks all services contributing to innovation worldwide, aims at analyzing customer expectations and their changing needs to offer increasingly innovative products, solutions, and services based on new technologies. As such, two of the company’s five priority innovation fields are directly related to the Internet of Things: smart farming and interactive petline.

Neovia has already launched two mobile applications for livestock farmers: In My Farm Aqua which studies and monitors performance factors in aquaculture farms and Standipig which measures performance in pig farms.

In parallel, Neovia Venture, which is Neovia’s investment fund dedicated to innovation, made its two first investments in connected objects. The first one was achieved in the horse industry with the start-up Equisense which develops connected objects dedicated to horses (applications for equine uses have been developed in  Brazil and France). The other one was achieved in the petcare industry with the company PitPat which designs and manufactures connected dogs’ collars.

Neovia focuses its innovation process on consumer expectations. Its strong investment in the IoT and connected objects is intended to strengthen its leading market position in nutrition and animal health and distinguish itself as a leader which thinks about, innovates, and works to meet tomorrow’s challenges and offer differentiating solutions and services to its customers.


*IoT for Internet of Things represents the extension of the Internet to things and places in the physical world.

**Source: study “We are social”.