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Responsible employer

Neovia clearly places its strategy within a sustainable growth approach. It is reflected in the development of a number of tools (videoconferences, etc.) which limit unnecessary business travels (plane, train, car) and thus enable massive investments in areas of innovation for sustainable growth and the day to day involvement of its teams.

This approach is also based on the vision of our business we share with our shareholders, partners, customers, and suppliers. We collectively share this responsibility. The concept of social responsibility is essential in our businesses. Neovia therefore promotes social responsibility through its strategy and human resources policy, and through concrete actions develops the values of social and environmental responsibility, health and safety, diversity and ethic.

Diversity: the individual supported by the collective

Neovia recognizes the uniqueness of each employee and considers diversity to be a source of shared wealth and performance.

Neovia develops an environment, a culture, and an approach to leadership that ensures equal opportunities and equal treatment of employees at all stages of their careers. The company is firmly committed to a human approach based on openness, equity, and solidarity.



Further informations

Did you know ?

In partnership with two Brazilian associations, Neovia supports learning and integration into the labour market for unskilled young people aged 16 to 24 years. Following a training course taught by multidisciplinary teachers, the unskilled young people benefit from a practical internship. This support meets both the challenge of offering training and employment for young adults and the need expressed by local businesses for skilled labour.