Internships and apprenticeships

Neovia has created and implemented several programs specifically for students, recent graduates, and junior managers. This major investment reflects Neovia’s determination to invest in young people and fully plays its role in training international leaders.

Neovia accompanies many students and recent graduates throughout their studies. This support takes various forms. Given the diversity of Neovia’s businesses and functions, it has strong partnerships with schools and universities and is involved in many universities, engineering schools, and leading business schools worldwide.

Initiatives dedicated to students and young graduates

Neovia has built medium and long term relationships with many partners (universities, schools, etc.) which allows students and graduates to learn more about our company and so develop the desire to join our great entrepreneurial adventure. Feel free to visit us through these programs or come to one of our dedicated events. Neovia participates in:

–       specific programs designed in conjunction with university lecturers

–       dedicated recruitment days

–       student fairs and organized visits to the company

–       thematic round table discussions and conferences in schools

–       business challenges organized with schools and universities

Neovia has chosen to implement a pro-active approach with students in order to continue to enhance its appeal and attract the best students and apprentices who want to build their future careers and meet the upcoming nutrition and animal health challenges with us.

Further informations

Did you know ?

Neovia has been “HappyTrainees” certified for its hospitality, the quality of the support and missions it offers, and the management of its trainees and apprentices. So come and join us!