Neovia - Group

Our business lines

Neovia offers a wide variety of functions, business lines and activities which enable its people to build an outstanding international career path if they wish it. 

The company supports “entrepreneur profiles” and promotes horizontal career paths. Neovia functions and businesses cover all support functions essential to the performance of a large international group, not only businesses directly related to innovation, but also more specialist functions that are closely associated to our sector of activity and that help make our company a leading global player.

Neovia is a fast growing company. This dynamism enables its employees to participate in instructive and empowering transformation projects day-to-day. It also gives them the opportunity to constantly interact with the international teams (videoconferences, international travels, hosting international staff) taking a deliberately collaborative approach: cross-cutting projects, exchanges of best practices, business lines or functions seminars, conventions of leaders and managers.

Research & Development

Neovia has a strong R & D department. Neovia’s R & D experts undertake prospective or application researches worldwide. This work provides an appropriate response to the new challenges facing the animal health and nutrition industry. R & D experts work closely with the other activities in the company’s innovation centre, and in particular undertake research related to the company’s five priority innovation fields. Neovia’s R & D teams are organized globally and rely on an international network of outstanding partners (universities, research institutes, clusters, clients, start-ups, etc.). They actively participate in developing innovative products and services, from the initial design right up to the point of marketing.

Formulation & Species Experts

Formulation engineers have a proven understanding of the nutritional characteristics of raw materials and animal physiology. In close cooperation with Neovia buyers and species experts this dual expertise allows formulators to design nutritional diets and feed products tailored to the objectives of feed producers and farmers. Formulation quality is an essential aspect of nutrition and animal health as it helps ensure appropriate nutrition on the basis of the animal’s stage of development, customer objectives, and commodity prices. A good formulation also maximizes the use of co-products in the production cycle.

Worldwide, the species experts advise and support customers and corporate partners on a daily basis. They have an in-depth knowledge of the physiology and needs of key species at each stage of development. The species experts are highly qualified and globally recognized for their technical expertise in each of the major species: swine, ruminants, poultry, rabbits, fish, shrimps, horses, and pets. In particular, they play a key role in the company’s complete feed, aquaculture, pet care, and premix / firm-services activities.

Innovation & Digital

Neovia is heavily investing  in innovation and digital in order to ensure its customers and partners to have a range of products and services that meet their expectations and anticipate their needs. In this context, the company has created several dedicated departments which work closely with marketing and R & D: the Innovation Management Department (methodology, innovation pipeline, innovation fields, initiatives), the “Design Lab” (innovation through the use of “Design Thinking” methodology and prototyping), the Software and Innovation Department (developing decision making tools and software), and the Digital Department (the company’s digital transformation).

Sales / Commercial

Neovia offers a wide range of sales and commercial positions. Sales and commercial functions work closely with marketing and activities managers in each country and region. Their mission is to help develop a diversified and innovative range of products and services, identify good relays and distribution networks, and conquer new segments by systematically placing the user / customer needs and experience at the heart of their approach: feedbacks from the field, customer panels, co-development, and partnerships.

Marketing / Business Development

The Marketing teams, in conjunction with sales / commercial teams and business / country managers, define and implement the company’s sales and marketing strategy worldwide (strategic marketing) and ensure its correct “business and local interpretation” (operational marketing). The Marketing teams are also responsible for steering and streamlining the company’s brands portfolio.

The Business Development teams, in conjunction with general management and marketing, are responsible for setting goals, defining the organization, and accelerating the international development of activities with high growth potential.


Neovia’s Purchasing teams are organized worldwide: purchasing central, “lead buyers” and regional / local buyers. The company’s buyers are primarily involved on the global, regional, and local commodity markets: purchases of macro-ingredients (wheat, barley, rapeseeds, etc.) and micro-ingredients (phosphates, vitamins, etc.). Neovia’s Purchasing teams are also involved in negotiating and streamlining purchases of goods and services. The company’s buyers are keen to continually improve the company’s purchasing performance and build a lasting and trust-based relationship with all its key suppliers at global, regional, and local levels.


Neovia’s Operations teams are involved in all the business lines and areas of expertise that contribute to the company’s industrial performance: production, supply chain, logistics, continuous improvement, maintenance, and QHSE. Operations teams ensure the proper functioning of all the company’s production sites worldwide, guaranteeing the quality of the finished products and ensuring their distribution not only in manufacturing countries but also for export to over 60 countries.

Information systems

Neovia’s IT activities cover a wide range of assignments worldwide: governance, project management, ERP and solutions, software and innovation, support and operations. The company’s IT centre is responsible for the proper functioning of the information systems, secures the infrastructure and operational aspects, helps to harmonize the ERP solutions globally, and manages and implements corporate IT transformation projects (changes in the organization, acquisitions and integrations). It is responsible for IT performance and its continuous improvement.

Projects, integration and organization

The company’s project, integration and organization teams play a key role in transforming the company. They offer a structured support methodology and are involved during acquisitions’ projects and throughout business transformation projects with a view to helping managers achieve their goals and control QCD (Quality, Cost, Delivery) on each project. They also play a key role in the structuration of the organization and the corporate process worldwide.

Human Resources

Human Resources teams play a key role in the rapid development of the organization. They are heavily involved in the company’s recruitment drives in all our operating regions and provide all Neovia employees with career development, in particular through training and internal mobility. The Human Resources teams also organize original “physical” recruitment events (Executive Committee meetings with candidates) and digital events (social networks).


The Communication teams explain and highlight the company’s strategy and initiatives for its external stakeholders (customers, suppliers, partners, investors, journalists, candidates) and bring employees together around the company’s strategic plan (internal communication). Within this framework, the communication teams develop a range of internal communication tools (intranet, internal newsletters, company presentations, events, social networks) and external communication tools (articles, events, participation in conferences, investor meetings, etc.).

Finance & Accounting

The Finance & Accounting teams ensure the reliability of Neovia’s accounting and financial information and its compliance with internal and external standards. Worldwide, their tasks cover the following fields: accounting, reporting, management control, recovery, cash management, risk management, internal audit and control.

Mergers-Acquisitions & Legal

The Mergers-Acquisitions teams play a key role in supporting the company’s external growth: they offer assistance in identifying acquisition targets, negotiations, and valuing target companies. The Legal teams advise teams on how to best conduct their projects and ensure compliance with the rules applicable to all our subsidiaries, countries, and businesses.

“We are continually exploring high potential areas of innovation. To speed up our ability to identify them, we have set up our own private equity fund called Neovia Venture”

Mathieu Tournat, Director of Research&Development and Innovation of Neovia