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Premix / Firm-services

Neovia’s firm-services activity involves manufacturing technical products and providing related high value-added consultancy services.

Firm-services support and advises feed manufacturers, either in an industrial setting or in farms. In order to supply premix and nutritional specialities tailored to their needs, Neovia provides them with strong expertise in formulation, nutritional advise, livestock health monitoring, decision making tools, design on specific food programmes, operational marketing and sales support, analysis of raw materials or finished products, and monitoring and periodic review of quality control plans.

Premix covers the basic needs of animals in vitamins and dietary minerals. It may also contains amino acids and nutritional additives. Premix is incorporated in complete feeds, making up between 0.5% and 1% of the total.

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Through its rich composition (lipids, proteins, vitamins and minerals) complete feed ensures all the nutritional needs necessary to the growth and healthy development of animals and the production of milk, meat and eggs.