Neovia - Complete feed

Complete feed

Neovia’s experts design, produce, and market complete feed adapted to livestock production targets and the nutritional needs of each species. As a major industrial player in feed production, the company has a global purchasing centre for raw materials as well as many sites abroad that allow it to source high performing and quality raw materials (macro and micro ingredients).

Neovia manufactures complete feed at 35 plants based in France and internationally. Together they produce 2.9 million tonnes a year.

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Through its rich composition (lipids, proteins, vitamins and minerals) complete feed ensures all the nutritional needs necessary to the growth and healthy development of animals and the production of milk, meat and eggs. Indeed complete feed includes cereals (wheat, barley, corn) and by-products obtained from the transformation of agricultural raw materials such as citrus pulp, beets and rice flour. Proteins are provided by seeds and cakes of oleaginous plants (soy, rapeseed, sunflower) and protein crops (peas, field beans). The composition is rounded out by vitamins and dietary minerals.