Animal health Neovia

Animal health

The animal health business develops innovative solutions to preserve and improve the animal health and welfare. In this context, our experts offer complementary and original product lines: hygiene products for livestock building and animals, dietary specialities, and specific medicines for veterinary practices.

Veterinary medicines take the form of powders, oral and injectable solutions and medicinal premixes. The products are sold in more than 40 countries and a lot of marketing authorizations are in progress. Today, Neovia benefits from 100 marketing authorizations in France and 100 abroad.

Veterinary dietetic specialties are nutritional solutions which support or reinforce the physiological functions of an organism and improve the performance and well-being of animals in each development stage. Dietary specialties generally take the form of hydrosols, gels, solutions, powders, granules and effervescent tablets.

Animal hygiene products and livestock hygiene products enable to rear animals in sanitary environments. Neovia’s animal health and hygiene activity strictly applies French, European and international figures regulations on public health. In addition, the products sold comply with the specific production requirements of each of the activities concerned and are marketed in 25 countries